Top Safety Rules to Follow When Using a Band Saw

Safety is always a problem that anyone should put it as the top priority whenever or whatever they do. And there is no option for this thing including working with band saw. Even when you are using the best band saw ever, you can see in the band saw reviews some tips for safety problem.

Safety band saw for you

In this article, we will introduce you some top rules to keep security when using a band saw in your work.

  1. Examination

Before doing anything including the easiest ones, examination should be done first. And in this case, after having disconnected the power supply, it’s time for you to inspect the band saw to make sure that it can work properly. All need checking even the smallest ones. Please ensure that there is no mistake available in any components from the blades, table, blade guides, wheels, post and any other things as well. This will be a chance for you to confirm the good function of all the parts in the band saw as well as the whole. As the result, it can work properly and there will be no accident occurs when you are working.

  1. Technique

When doing anything, we always have some different technique to follow especially for technical works.

Working with band saw also requires you to obey some things. It’s obvious that your hands need to be kept away from the blades at least 3 inches from the blade side. Don’t forget to keep your hand safe when holding the material to direct it through the band saw. Using a pushing stick will help you much in this case.

Importantly, before start to cut, please turn on the blade then wait until it reach the highest speed first. Also, you should make sure that the material is flat against the table and put out of the mid air. Especially, please pay close attention to work slowly to gradually through the saw if you cut the curved lines to prevent the blade from snapping.

While you are working with the band saw, you need to always pay close attention to the tool. You should not be distracted from any other things or do others at this time.

  1. Maintenance

Maintenance band saw best band saw

No matter how good your band saw is, no matter how well it works, even it’s the best band saw you’ve found out among the huge list of band saw reviews, maintenance is extremely necessary. If you do not regularly clean and maintain your machine, it may cause some bad problem that can damage your band saw and decrease the productivity.

Therefore, please remember to clean your band saw and maintain all the components of the machine to keep up the work. However, you need to make sure that the power supply is totally off before you do anything here.

  1. Accessories   

Security is always a thing that we should keep as the top priority when doing anything anytime. Also, when working with band saw, you need to use some accessories to keep yourself safe during the performance. You need to use the safety guard, a pair of protective goggles, a face mask, pair of ear plugs and protective clothing as well. However, please avoid the loose clothing and sleeves because it may cause accident while you’re working.

In conclusion, when working with your band saw even with the best bad saw ever, you need to follow the safety rules including examination, technique, maintenances and accessories. Hopefully, with this article, we bring you necessary information for your work with band saw.