How to choose the swing for your beloved baby

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The swing for babies has greatly evolved over the years. They are now at the forefront of technology as some models even can connect to an mp3. Therefore, the child will be lulled by the gentle music. In this article, we will give you some buying guides including the main criteria that require some attention when buying.

Take into account the age and weight of the child

Baby swing can be used from birth until about 9 months. However, this age is an indication, as some children grow faster than others. When they can no longer stay lying or half-sitting position, it is recommended not to use this product. Weight is also an important criterion because it can affect the stability of the swing. Most brands offer swings designed for children whose weight reached 11 kg. This criterion is again an indication, because the most important relates to the stability of the structure and of the child.

For the most optimized conditions, it is wise to opt for a product that is suitable for children aged up to nine months whose weight does not exceed 11 kg. As for use from birth, the product must provide a fully extended position, for a good development of the back and especially her spine.

As for cars, a support belt is useful. For the little ones, there must be a five-point harness. Because, at the beginning, the infants can pass under the seatbelt. To be sure that the seat is small, so take the time to check the padding of the harness.

The first days of life, babies do not keep the head up at all and they have a tendency to slouch. The swing with a possibility of inclination are appreciated. They allow the child to have a good position to breathe during sleep.

Parents can also make practical choices. It is good to buy a foldable swing if you plan to carry it often.

The swing seats can be in different tissues for hygienic reasons. It is best to choose an easily washable coating.

The speed control and time selection

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The swings for babies have largely evolved in recent years. Some manufacturers have decided to integrate a convenient mechanism allowing the child to be rocked without parental involvement. The babies may well calm down or fall asleep peacefully. Several products are on the market and they stand out through various features. Several products are on the market and they stand out through various features. For example, the model sold by Babymoov Bubble has five speeds that can be set through a control panel which is unobtrusive and safe for the child. The latter cannot intervene and change the speed. Other references offer a greater number and the setting can generally achieve six levels

For the concept to be optimized, parents have the opportunity to adjust the swing in a while. The child will be so rocked for 8, 15 or 30 minutes. This is an interesting concept because it allows to adapt the product to the needs of the baby. The swing will stop automatically when the selected time is exceeded.

The musical based on a baby swing

With the swing, the baby is likely to quickly get to sleep, to calm anxieties and subside. Some also enjoy music, as she wraps it in a cocoon punctuated by softness. This framework is essential and promotes the well-being of the child. Product and couple several features and the actuator become very interesting when accompanied by a musical function. Several songs are recorded and several products have 10 different environments.

To help the baby sleep in a serene and comforting frame, the swing can offer several types of melodies, but some are reminiscent of nature. The latter has some soothing. As for the concept of the selection of the speed and time of the swing, parents will have the opportunity to use a timer dedicated to the dissemination of music. Again the child can not intervene in the settings because the panel is out of reach. This is a very nice concept that draws on different mobile that can be installed on top of the child’s bed.

Connecting an MP3 player

Manufacturers have even decided to further grow the skills of swing adapting to new technologies. Graco offers Sweetpeace model where it is possible to connect an MP3 player directly on the swing. The pre-recorded melodies are usually very interesting, but the baby can pay attention to other music. Parents can opt for a model likely to possess a USB port. With the latter, it is quite possible to connect an MP3 player in order to disseminate the favorite music of the child.

Above are some guides that will be helpful for you. Hope you choose a suitable baby swing for your beloved baby.